Product Review: Revive Purifying Clay Mask

revive masque de glaise

I’ve had a couple of samples of this mask sitting in my makeup bag for ages now and hadn’t had much enthusiasm to try it given my love/hate relationship with clay masks. That is, until tonight when I was rifling through my stash trying to decide which mask to use and came across this ReVive Masque de Glaise. Per usual, before sampling a new product I google the crap out of it and read reviews to see what people think of the product before I decide if it’s worth trying.

The mask claims to be a deep cleansing facial mask that firms, hydrates and rejuvenates lifeless skin by lifting off impurities. I’m not usually a fan of clay masks just given the application process, which can be uncomfortable as they dry and messy to wash off. The reviews for this product were pretty great: easy to apply, great results, etc. so I gave it a try.

It didn’t go on QUITE as smoothly as I had hoped. Some reviewers claimed you didn’t need a lot of product because it spread so easily but I found the opposite to be true: that I needed more product than I imagined in order to thoroughly cover my face. The drying process wasn’t as uncomfortable as usual (read: my face didn’t feel completely buried under dry cement) and it was relatively easy to wash off! Compared to the bliss multi-‘face’-eted clay masks that I’ve been using most recently, I found this one to be a breeze!

After removing the mask, my skin definitely feels smoother and more hydrated though still quite a lot of redness which I was hoping to reduce. All in all though, I like this product. Am curious to see how my skin reacts after a few weekly treatments of it… Given the hefty price tage ($125 per 2.5oz) though I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this anytime soon, but I was definitely glad to be able to sample it 🙂

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